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Danniel Fishler Productions

Viral videos & Movies

for your Business Success



Danniel Fishler Productions

is an International boutique production house.

Danniel Fishler , the CEO,

is a TV & YouTube Commercials Director

with 15 years of experience:

He has created video commercials

in across 3 continents and in 7 countries.

Danniel has created a huge amount of videos,

many of which were promoted

in Google and were the target of

tens & hundreds of thousands of views,

followed by a much higher conversion rate

  by the precise potential clients.

The studio's vast experience enables us to work with large companies and to produce their Exhibition Videos , TV commercials and promotional videos to an exceptional level.

Our equipment is top notch:

We use a magnificent 4K Digital Cinema Camera with a super 35 Chip, the best sennheiser sound recording systems, high tech Lighting systems, etc..

Leave your details below : Let's talk on Skype or by phone and get to know your requirements!

Leave your details below : Let's talk on Skype or by phone and get to know your requirements!

Leave your details below : Let's talk on Skype or by phone and get to know your requirements!

Leave your details below : Let's talk on Skype or by phone and get to know your requirements!

In our conversation, you will already get many tips and ideas that I will share with you as a token of a good will, and as a “thank you” for your interest in my services. Preparing the next exhibition? or the next facebook campaign? Let's create a reality where your business sales boom !



Quality, accuracy and finish that makes all the difference.

Marketing managers, business owners and executives -

Are you worried about experiencing failure and disappointment from an unfulfilled sales potential at International conferences or exhibitions ?

Are you interested in producing less promotional videos and investing in one that will   provide you an answer on all the necessary mediums, from conferences to Internet marketing?

Your business must be prominent at the exhibition and attract maximum attention in order to be successful!

Based on studies and on our own experience - there is a higher conversion rate, when there are large screens with a good promotional movie, causing more people to stop and favourably remember your business.

It also assists your sales team, who can invite potential clients to watch the movie and gives them the opportunity to engage them.

And when screening a promotional movie at an exhibition :

Quality makes the difference!

Your customers are seeking the best, so visibility, a precise message and  a high standard of visual finish to your marketing communications, make the difference between a great success and a  dead end.

So when  the time comes to make a promotional video or commercial, it is crucial to produce it at the highest level - to Hollywood standards, with European sparkle from concept to finish.



What our clients say about us:

Ms. Tami Shefy, manager of TStudio who recommended her client to Fishler Productions said the client's reaction when he saw the edited movie ready to be viewed for the first time, was :

" This guy rocks!  I love it "

Ms. Shefy adds :  “Danniel Directed , filmed , recorded, narrated and edited a movie to present a unique product for cooling food carts in aircraft, for a client of mine, at an international aviation exhibition in London.

The work was done to a tight schedule and under challenging conditions. In spite of this, Danniel spared no effort and investment - and the result is spectacular!

When the client returned from the exhibition, he said with pride that the movie ‘did just the job’. The client didn't have to talk and explain his product, but only show the promotional movie.

While you fill this form you can enjoy in the background our latest Music video that already got more then 400,000 Views in YouTube

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P.O.Box 19003

Haifa , Israel

Zip: 3119001

Phone: (972)549808116

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